Tuesday, November 15

i heart nebraska: the passion

what a weekend. the past four days have been nothing short of amazing. our vacation to the northeast was a dynamic one considering the circumstances surrounding the football game. but beyond the amazing time spent with my man, the fun we had with his parents, and the overall fabulous time, i realized something about myself this weekend: i have never been more proud of where i come from. 
and so, i am here to kick off a week long why i love nebraska series.
first up, the passion of nebraskans.
yeah, i get it. we love our football. and high school sports. and corn. you're right. we do. but i think the reason we are totally and one hundred percent into all of these things is simply passion
[the infamous before-game-prayer by ron brown.]
nebraskans have it and aren't afraid to wear it on their sleeve. or hat. or gloves. or anywhere they think people will notice. 
we're dedicated to what we do. and we want it to succeed. whether that means tending to our humble crops or working more hours than you thought possible in a week to realize a dream, we're dedicated. and we're gonna make it happen. because when you have passion for something, you just simply don't let it slip out of your hands. 
this weekend, i got to experience nebraskans out of their element. and dragged into a situation that was neither pleasant nor pretty. but, by golly, did it bring out the passion in us. i saw my fellow midwesterners firmly stand up for what they knew was right, i saw them greet competitors with a kind smile, i saw them come out in droves to support a stadium of distraught fans, a team, and a purpose they believed in. and football aside, it made me awfully proud to become a passionate nebraskan myself. 
other weekend highlights that have nothing to do with nebraska, but are worth sharing:
 primanti brothers sandwich. bomb. dot. com.
 iron city brew. so very appropriate.
yellow bridges and three rivers.
great fun. an incredible weekend indeed.
november fifteenth: having a childhood overflowing with present parents, family vacations, a small town, a great school, loyal friends and innocent happiness. 
my memories will always take me back to nebraska and for that, i am forever grateful.

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