Wednesday, November 16

i heart nebraska: the culture

 image found here.
image by michelle kristine photography.
in megan duam's article about making the move from new york city to lincoln for no apparent reason other than needing a second chance, she eloquently describes what it is that makes the midwest so special. 
an outsider looking in might see nebraska just as a lot of fertile land. or a bunch of culture shocked honky tonks with no worldly understanding. or perhaps a bunch of quiet communities with little to worry about. but, i'd like to argue that the heart and soul of nebraska are far from these stereotypes. 
our industry can be as dynamic as it is steady.
our culture can be as fluctuating as it is homogeneous.
but, mostly, our acceptance for it all can be as passionate as it is demanding. 
whether you are a farmer living on the land your family tended to for generations ... or the chief executive officer for one of six Fortune 500 companies in the heartland ... or a teacher in a school of one hundred students, you get it. you get that there's more to life than the open fields and starry nights. but, you can still appreciate that this very soil and those clear blue skies hold all of what is important in this life. 
it's the gratitude for a simple existence. and the appreciation for the finer things. 
it's a way of life. and it's a good one.
november sixteenth: being able to leave the nest, discover a new city, and yet, still appreciate what got me here. my roots. my home. my steady nebraska.


  1. You should write books! Your blog is a bright spot in my day... Love you! See you in a week~ Carrie

  2. You are the sweetest! Thanks for continuing to check in on my little piece of the internet. Cannot wait to see you soon! Love you bunches! xo a