Thursday, November 17

i heart nebraska: the landscape

no, it's not the northeast in the summer. or arizona in the fall. or california at any given moment. but, it my humble opinion, it pretty much rocks three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. you just have to appreciate it for what it is. it is, after all, nebraska. 
it's the glistening of the prairie over the horizon. the green grass is wet with the dew of the morning and the earth is awakened by new life. baby calves are finding their feet and buds are blooming. the air is fresh. undecided and yet, completely content as the cold soil warms in anticipation of the sowing ahead.
life is in full bloom and a heavy heat is in the air. time is passed outside. little league. cookouts. swimming pools. front porch sitting. the sun stings your face without relief from the breeze of the day. and yet, we remain. forgetting the cold in our bones and the angst in our hearts. welcoming the sweat on our brow and the warmth of each other.
sweaters and scarves make their way to the front of the closet. back to school is welcomed by the slow hum of tractors and the dusty haze of harvest. we welcome the glimpse of cold in the air. the night is lit by combine lights and a football stadium glow. and colors begin to come alive as the sky turns a vibrant blue and the landscape red with reaping.
it's where snow can climb into the feet and yards. where the cold can shake you to the bone. where the green of life turns gray with death. and yet, we make snowmen. and ice skate. and build fires. and enjoy chili [and cinnamon rolls]. we rest. and inside the warmth of our humble home, we rediscover each other.

i think we get the best of all four worlds. an ever-developing landscape to appreciate the beauty of change. and still, of life's natural routine. of the cold and the warm. the green and the gray. the up and the down. somehow, nebraska has a way of making it all just right.
november seventeenth: a really good workout. and a body with the ability to run and jump and breathe and love. health is a gift. and i'm so glad i have it.

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