Friday, November 18

i heart nebraska: the people

[a well deserved round of applause. 
and a perfect representation of what nebraskans are all about.]
okay, so we get it. even after my long voyage to the south, i still love am obsessed with where i'm from. but let's be honest, all these wonderful attributes have little to do with the marrying of two longitudinal and latitudinal lines. it's has to do with the people. the essence of any geographical location. right?
it's the people that work hard. like, really hard.
it's the people that travel in packs, clans, and caravans to support something they believe in.
it's the people that value family. and heritage. and raising a bright future.
it's the people that are kind even when they don't wanna be.
it's the people that appreciate a simple life.
it's the people that raised me. that believed in me. that let me go. and that will still welcome me when i come home again.

yes, i heart nebraska. and it's all because of those people
happy weekend. 
november eighteenth: my grandparents. here and there. great and great-great. they are the people that have laid my foundation. and given me all that i have. they are strong and kind and hard working and in a word: incredible.
oh and that lady gaga loves nebraska as much as i do. holla!

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