Tuesday, December 20

if you like it, then you gotta put a bow on it

my sophomore year of college i was bored. like middle of finals week, have nothin to do, doodling for fun bored. i'm not sure what it was about that semester, but you guys, i had time like i've never had time before. and so: i taught myself how to make bows. at first i looked up on-line tutorials. then i struggled with martha's directions. and finally, i just folded and fumbled and fluffed until it looked right. from 2005 and beyond, this is how i've been prettying up my packages.
 supplies: spool of ribbon, preferably with wire edging. a good pair of scissors.
 roll out ribbon and begin to fold.
 continue to fold until to come to your desired thickness. 
the more you fold, the fuller the bow will be.
 after you have finished folding, cut ribbon. be sure to leave extra ribbon on the spool for the tails of the bow.
 grasp the ribbon in the middle and fold in half.
 cut triangles on both side of the folded ribbon.
 cut off an extra piece of ribbon and tie in the middle.
 fluff the loops and manipulate the bow until it reflects your desired look.
place on package and enjoy!

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