Monday, December 19

oodles of noodles

nothing says winter like a hearty bowl of soup. so when my sweetie [he's here! he's here!] and i had a few extra minutes this weekend, we whipped up oodles of homemade noodles for chicken soup. here's what happened. 
 grandma bender's egg noodles
6 eggs
2 teaspoons salt
2 cups flour, add until dough like consistency
beat eggs and salt. add flour until dough forms into a ball. roll out dough to 1/8 inch thickness. place on wax paper or cookie sheet and place in warm oven [150 - 200 degrees] to dry. after approximately five to eight minutes, turn over. let other side dry for approximately five minutes. cut into thin pieces. add to soup or boil for approximately ten minutes or until tender.
 noodles prior to cooking. 
noodles to be enjoyed.
previous experience has proven that homemade doesn't always mean harder: brownies, funfetti cupcakes, chocolate cake. easy stuff. noodles on the other hand... much harder. but so much better. believe me on this one, it is worth it. the store bought variety ain't got nothin on the thick, chewy consistency of homemade. you better believe that if i have an extra fifteen minutes, i will gladly roll out these noodles. and you should too.

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