Tuesday, January 17

bargain buys

this weekend i had some serious shopping luck.
i decided over the christmas holiday that it was high time to go through my closet and prioritize my wardrobe. saturday afternoon i had a long internal struggle, a good soul search, a lot of contemplation about essentials and... eventually emptied forty-seven [yes, 47] hangers. i filled four big bags of stuff and promptly drove to plato's. they offered me $33.59 for seven items [boo "overstocked on winter clothes."]. with a little cash in my hand, i ran next door to old navy. hoping to find this.
who knew.
the polka dots were gone. but, their new arrivals were refreshingly on trend. and cheap. and i kinda went crazy. here's what i came away with.
 here's what i still want. and will be checking daily to see if they go on sale.
with those forty-seven hangers nearly filled [le sigh] again, i'm feeling all giddy and ready to wear these darling duds. so mr. weather, you can happily stop the wind + the cold and quickly bring the warm + the sunny. because i have some serious outfits to style.

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