Tuesday, January 31


i might be a couple of months behind on the trend, but i still really love this ombre thing. in fact, i go to get my hair done in two weeks and am thinking about applying it to my mane. i'll keep you posted. 
when i was at hobby lobby this weekend i picked up some wooden beads and gave my best shot at making an ombre necklace. here's what happened.
without any water color paints on hand, i dug through some old school supplies and found a few markers that were on their last leg. instant, free paint? i think so!
once the markers had lost all their color to osmosis, i simply placed the beads in the water overnight. and woke up to each of the baubles happily dyed. [note: i did have to touch up a few with watered down markers to get the hue i was looking for.]
 blue to green. 
 pink to beige.
real life with my hot pink maxi that i adore. spoiler alert: this will be my spring uniform. 
it may seem like a preschool craft to some, but the understated simplicity is 
just the look i was going for. 

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