Monday, January 30

days of the week

one thing you may have gathered from reading this diary is that i love a good routine. i like for events to be predictable and monotonous and generally boring. in my day to day life i am not spontaneous and i get a little irritable when things don't run according to plan. and yes - ironically all the planning makes for stress sometimes. but i can't help it. 
so, with that bit of background information stored away, you won't be surprised when i say that i pick out my clothes for the week on sunday evening. and if my sunday is busy, i must do it the night before.  it just makes good sense. one less thing to stuff into the morning grind. 
so in order to pretty up my closet, i made these little days of the week clothespins to designate my outfits monday through friday.
i have been loving the glitter-up-your-clothespins trend since it hit the blogosphere, yet most of them were used as refrigerator magnets. and i hate a cluttered fridge. sorry future kids, but your art will not be featured on the icebox. i digress. 
so, i simply thought of a different use that would actually be helpful in my everyday life. 
i purchased a whole bunch of clothespins from target. did you know they are like - really cheap? then i mod podged some glitter to the front and super glued a letter tile to the top. so far no glitter has gotten on my clothes and i'm happily organized for the week. perfect. 

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