Thursday, September 29

i heart routine

we can all agree that i am a bit type A. obsessive, controlling, competitive, tightly wound [thank you wikipedia for that becoming definition]. you know, the kind that is at risk for heart disease and all that good stuff. just lovely. it can get downright annoying to those that encounter me. my coworkers have even picked up on it and generally stray from any potential distress that might be caused by moving my stapler, keyboard, pen or paper outside of their ninety degree angles. okay, we get it. i've got issues. moving on. 
with this type A business comes the need for a strict routine. i [literally] move through the same sequence of activities day in and day out. some times things will change [impromptu happy hour, suddenly ran out of peanut butter, etc.] and it totally throws me off. but, i didn't fully appreciate just how "tightly wound" i was until last week. when everything was wrong. like, everything. i was recovering from a perfectly normal weekend with C, preparing for several big work events, and just generally tired. therefore, nothing ran according to schedule. and my type A body went into shutdown mode. i [literally, no joke at all] gained five pounds in six days. i let my to do list double in size. i paid a bill only the day before it was due instead of weeks in advance. i didn't make my bed. i broke down a time or two [thanks C and momma for picking up the pieces]. all because the routine was ragged. 
so, now i know. i know that my body [and mind. and soul.] requires repetition and regularity. i know that i need to feed my type A self with monotony and predictability. i know that the lists can't be completed until my life is in order. i know that shiznit is going to hit the fan when i have children. i know.

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