Monday, January 23

wreath of a different color

up until yesterday, this was still gracing my pantry door. i couldn't bring myself to pack it away and justified the lingering decor by saying that the colors screamed winter. but eventually the ornaments screamed louder: "christmas!" okay, time to move on.
it probably would have come down sooner, but i grew to love a little color on that door and didn't know what to replace it with. then i saw this pin and just had to try. 
and i kinda became obsessed with the understated valentine's day addition to this abode.
you know i love this color combination right now. and in a quiet way it says valentine's day, but in a big way it says simple-chic. right?
the procedure could not have been simpler. i just wrapped one of those styrofoam wreaths in neon pink yarn [while watching football and completely zoning out]. then i whipped up a big red bow and glued it to the front. simple. quick. and cheap. you know that's my kind of craft. 
in fact, it was so easy that i kind of want to make one in every color scheme that i adore. burlap and beige, you may be next on my list.

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