Sunday, January 22

guiding thoughts

image found here.
"whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality. if you truly believe that you can live a happy, powerful and loving life, there is nothing that can stop this from becoming a reality. if you do not have a heartfelt belief that you are able to live the life you desire, chances are very high that you are not experiencing that ideal reality." [b. tracy]

sometimes i think that if my thoughts were to be translated into a virtual image, it would be much like the photo above. a tangled mess of dark vibes, uncertainties, and what ifs.  and therefore, as the quote suggests, my world often appears to be a bleak reality of contradicting scribbles. 
but, after a week of untangling the negativity and erasing some unwanted lines, i've come to truly believe that i deserve the life i continually concoct in my thoughts. 
and you do too. 
it is high time that a lot of us stop wishing and start living. stop dreaming and starting doing. stop thinking and start creating. this week, may your thoughts become your reality. and may your reality be happy. 

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