Thursday, January 12


what would emily [post] do?
remember when i took a stab at funfetti cakes because a colleague was about to pop? well she did and what emerged was a sweet, beautiful, perfect baby boy. 
so i just had to go meet the little guy. 
but first, i picked up the perfect welcome to the world gift [virtual sarcasm].
and it got me thinking: what are the most appropriate/well received gifts at big moments in life? i'm pretty sure the etiquette experts would die of disbelief when i showed them my selections. 
wine [painted in chalkboard paint]. for mommy.
but soon realizing she can't drink it since she is providing life giving food to the little one. failure.
chocolate [my go to, never fails homemade brownie recipe found here]. 
for mommy and daddy. 
turns out chocolate is also not appropriate for a breastfeeding mom. for real. no chocolate and no wine? with emily post at umpire, i'd give it a big...strike two.
bonus picture of my girl in action. isn't she a beauty?
adorbs mini me clothes [you know my obsession with dressing children as if they are adults]. perfect, right? well, the sweetest little thing i could find only came in a three to six months and was totally spring/summer attire. here you go mason. now just wait five months and let it collect dust in your overflowing closet. brilliant.
enter hanging head and kicking dust on the depressing stroll to the dugout: strike three. you. are. out.

so here's where you come in. my followers that are newly engaged, happily married and blissfully parenting: what's the best gift you received at those monumental times of your life? do you prefer practical? sentimental? just plain indulgent? i gotta know. because there's one out on the scoreboard and i'm not looking to take the field again any time soon. 

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