Friday, February 10


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y'all, i've been given a gift of time to immerse myself into my dreams. to concoct lofty goals and seemingly unattainable visions. and it's all called sitting through hours and hours of a continuing education class that is utterly and simply - dull. ten hours yesterday, ten hours today, ten hours tomorrow and ten hours sunday. yeah.  
i am trying not to look it as a life sucking waste of time, but rather a golden opportunity to daydream in every sense of the word. i'll either come away from these forty hours with an elegant and detailed life plan or in a severe depression. unfortunately, i'm leaning towards the latter.
but seriously. may you take the time i don't have this weekend to fully grasp what you love to do. and if you're lucky, get the opportunity to do it. have fun and enjoy the light of day. i'll be staring at a powerpoint presentation that i'll likely have no interest in and just want to re-design. 

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  1. hahaha you would want to redesign the powerpoint.