Thursday, February 9

going green

when i got this book for christmas [highly recommended for any novice sewers out there. thanks carrie!], i just couldn't wait to discover the magic of curved lines and following someone else's directions instead of making things up as i go. 
for the first feat, i decided to make myself a little market bag. i have always admired those goodie-goodies [my sister] that remember to take their reusable bags every time they walk out the door, but i'm just not one of those people. i can barely remember why i am at target, let alone have the presence of mind to save the earth. but, perhaps if i could just roll 'em up and keep 'em in my purse? here's what happened.
 reusable shopping bag pattern + fabric ready to be sewn
why didn't any one tell me that using a pattern makes sewing one hundred and ten percent easier? i will never again go without.
 trial run. filled with weekly essentials.
fold it up and stuff it in the purse for the next errands outing.
it's feelin' good to go green. 


  1. put in your fabric request! xo

  2. i saw this book and almost bought it! do you love it and would you recommend the purchase?