Wednesday, February 8


have you ever wondered why i named this little blog a is for amor? 
yeah. me too.
let me explain.
first of all, it is surprisingly difficult to think of a title that accurately portrays the point you are trying to get across. and since i wasn't sure how long this diary would last or what it would morph into, i wanted to ensure it stood the test of time. nothing that signifies i live in memphis. nothing that implies i'm young and dumb. nothing that sounds too grown up and - well - as if i have this whole life thing figured out. 
in order to personalize this space and make it my own, i wanted to incorporate my name somehow. a monogram seemed fitting at the time - classic. personal. unique. 
and then i got to thinking. what do i cherish most in this life? what keeps me going? what is at the core of everything i do? love. yes, love was the single, solitary word that came to my mind. it describes my family, my beau, my friends, my hobbies, my living space, my current situation, my future goals. everything i have and do is rooted in love 
and so my amor for alliteration [har har] bore the phrase that now consumes the majority of my thoughts [and time].
a is for amor. 
and the people i love,
the things i love,
the projects i love to do,
the words i love to live by. 
a is for amor.

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