Tuesday, February 7

say cheese

on a recent stroll through goodwill, i was looking for new [to me] pieces that could be transformed into cheap [albeit effective] entertaining wares. when i came across this gold speckled beauty, i got giddy. like right in the middle of the store - smile from ear to ear - run/walk to the cashier - giddy. i just knew the future was looking bright for this little one.
yes, that says $1.99. score.
so much potential. you see it? look very closely. it's there. keep looking.
why yes! a cheese board, of course! the shape was perfect. the little feet were brilliant. and i could not have been more excited.
to breathe new life into this beauty, i simply scrubbed the heck out of it, painted the top with chalkboard paint and sprayed the side with high gloss white for a porcelain look and feel. add some high quality [to me] cheese and you have yourself a party on a plate. 
for a buck ninety-nine, the possibilities are endless. cheese - yes. but also appetizers, a centerpiece, drink tray and so much more. needless to say, i'm feeling pretty pumped. 

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