Monday, February 6

one + one

equals two.
two years ago i was anxious, today i am content.
two years ago i was naive, today i am aware.
two years ago i was scared, today i am fulfilled.
two years ago i was poor, today i am still poor but no longer eating couscous and watching SATC.
two years ago i was stressed, today i am comfortable.
two years ago i was adventurous, today i am still seeking.
two years ago i was sad, today i still miss home.
two years ago i embarked on the single greatest change of my life, today i look forward to more unknown.
two years ago i took a leap, didn't look down and learned to make it on my own, today i am still flying.
two years ago i was ready to start a new chapter, today i am ready to turn another page.
it is so hard to believe that twenty-four months have passed. when i moved to Memphis, i didn't think i would be here over a year. i didn't sign a long term lease. i didn't look forward to any Memphis events beyond three hundred and sixty-five days. i didn't let myself fully embrace this place. and now here i am. two years later.
our plans don't always align with our journey. but much like the customer, isn't it that the journey is always right? while i have clearly concocted what the next year will bring, i know that what lies ahead will reflect nearly nothing in my thoughts. and that's okay. that's why life is a struggle, yet undeniably fabulous. because our minds can't possibly conjure up the blessings of what is to come.
so next february 6th, i might be reflecting on this same orange couch, in this same one bedroom apartment, in this same city. or maybe not.
but whatever the universe gives me is what i will take. i wouldn't have imagined the past two years would be so full of joy [and disappointment], but they were. and so will all the years that lie ahead.

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