Friday, February 17

great people

"what is behind great accomplishments? inevitably, great people. but what is in those 'great people' that makes them different? it's certainly not their age or sex or color or heritage or environment. no, it's got to be something inside their heads. they are people who think differently. people whose ideas are woven into a meaningful patter on the loom of dreams, threaded with colorful strands of imagination, creativity, even a touch of fantasy. they are among those who will dream dreams and see visions." [c. swindol]
twenty-two years ago, a girl was born. her hair would be curly and her heart would be kind. her mind would be smart and her love would be strong. her dreams would be big and her determination would be unwavering. she would grow into a beautiful young woman with a bright future. and quite simply, she would inevitably become a 'great person.'
happy birthday tori.
i'm proud of you.
i love you.

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