Thursday, February 16

hair envy

there are few things in life more rewarding than getting your hair done. perhaps a deep tissue massage. or a really good mani/pedi. but the hour and a half in that spinny chair pretty much rocks. in fact, it kind of makes me feel sorry for men. but then i remember the giving birth - visit from aunt flo - hormonal roller coaster crap. and i'd say we pretty much deserve it. 
last night i nearly emptied my pocketbook for a really good cut/color and a whole bunch of styling products promising to "do the trick." but, it was the best money i've spent in months. the end result was better than the look i started with [rain + humidity = frizz ball], but it's nothin compared to these lovelies below. here's what i'm loving in the hair world these days.
images found here.
what hairy trends are you coveting? it appears as though the lucky thick headed girls among us are on point with today's top tresses. it's all about volume, texture and va va voom. and yet, my limp locks remain. le sigh.


  1. did you go ombre? you need to put up a new pic with your new hair!

  2. didn't go ombre. :( my stylist thought it would be too heavy around my face considering my hair forms a triangle when frizzy. i will definitely try to capture a decent photo and add it to this post! not gonna lie, totally have christen hair envy. xoxo