Wednesday, February 15

simple solutions

things have been feeling a little drab around here. i couldn't put my finger on it for the longest time, but somewhere in between taking down christmas decorations and the fifth straight day without seeing the sun, i decided to freshen up my space a bit - add a visual punch - stimulate my eyes - navigate my creative flow.
wait. doesn't redecorating require money? oh yeah. where can i get some of that? without a lotto win in my near future, i discovered that using what you already have can be incredibly rewarding. take a look.
1. serious stag. to create this silhouette, i simply traced a deer head onto some texturey [is that a word?] leather and pasted it to a white, $1.99 hobby lobby canvas. this little dude packs a serious punch, dontcha think?
2. pink velvet bow. embracing my love for black + white + pink, i decided i needed to add a girly bow to the mix. after looking in my ribbon drawer, i knew this little beauty was just the ticket. isn't she cute?
3. abstract art. with the same pink velvet, i wrapped another $1.99 canvas and ta da! understated simplicity.
4. colorblock box. because i love unexpected color combos these days, i placed a bright red piece of paper in a shadow box and placed it next to the pink velvet canvas. 
5. home is where my heart is. to bring in the theme of maps and give this beauty life, i created a united states map in Microsoft Word. you'll notice a hot pink love in nebraska - where my heart will always be.
6. glam. to tie in the gold sequin bird on the shelf above it, i made this pretty little sequin bow. with the back of the box covered in black polka dots, the girly glam really pops. add in the heart shaped hacky sack i found at an antique shop long ago and i'm totally feeling the love. 
so for a complete bookcase makeover, my total rang in at less than four GWs. now that's the type of redesign i can be a part of. how do you bring a fresh feel into your home? simply rearrange? use what you have in a different way? go on a fabulous shopping spree? spill it peeps. i gotta know.

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