Friday, February 3


by now you have noticed a few changes applied to this little piece of the internet. quite frankly, the other format was driving me crazy and i had some time last weekend to rearrange. i just felt like we all needed some fresh air. a little twist of modern. and a new color palette. 
i have always been a fan of black and white, but recently hot pink has really caught my eye. so i went to the ever reliable pinterest and pulled some of my favorite images on my boards. 
introducing - my inspiration board for a is for amor -
all images found here.
it's that bold and bam of black and white with a little girl and glam of pink. hopefully it portrays a feeling of clean and modern, yet welcoming and warm. i am not sure how long it will last [this fickle brain of mine changes frequently], but for now it gives me a renewed sense of energy. the little boost that we all need this time of year.
may your weekend be filled with black and white and pink all over.

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