Thursday, February 2

the heart of j.crew

we have all seen this beloved sweater roaming the internet, right? it's fun. and classic. and downright beautiful in my book. oh and also out of stock. just our luck. 
then i got to thinking - with the utmost respect for jenna and her crew [wait. is that why it is called j.crew? ding. lightbulb moment.] - this could be pretty easy to make. i promptly caught a quick tutorial on the net and went searching for the perfect beige sweater. here's what happened.
the thrifting gods were watching over me and - no joke - i found this on my first stop:
 um, perfect? whoa.
so i gathered some supplies and got to work. basically, i just traced a big heart onto black fabric, cut it out and hand sewed it on. 
it's no j. crew masterpiece, but it works. sure there's some fabric pulling in a few areas and it's definitely not woven right into the sweater, but i can deal. for a saturday of errands, it'll do just fine.

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