Friday, February 24

rope em in

while digging through a discount fabric store, i stumbled upon this thick, cotton rope. don't you love it? the texture is divine. the bright white - simply beautiful. 
you'll never guess how much they wanted for it. 
fifty cents a yard. excuse me? as in five - zero? i'll take it all.
there were about seven yards left on the spool and the clerk looked at me as if i was insane, but $3.50 later, it was all mine. thankfully she didn't ask what i was planning to do with it, because at the time, i had no clue. then this came across my pinterest feed and i decided to give it a whirl.
hot glue the rope to the bottom of a jar [bender salsa mason jar in my case] and simply twist until you're to the top. cut the end on an angle so that the rope tucks in. style as you wish. i had some smaller white rope and pretty lace lying around, so i multiplied the twisting times two for a finished ensemble. 
it's not one hundred percent my style [i find myself attracted to sleek and modern these days], but it's a clean change. the nice thing is that when decide i hate it, i will simply untwirl and have three yards of seemingly unharmed rope left behind. who is into the nautical look these days? or has a fabulous beach house that needs decorating? because you may find an array of rope accessories gracing your doorstep soon. 
post script: these pics are a prime example of the power of natural light. the rope images were captured with a stream of sunlight coming through my french doors. the rest of the pictures were hidden in the depths of my kitchen where the only light that hits them is nasty tungsten. no amount of editing can get rid of that disgusting yellow tone. who is dying for a home with wood floors, windows and walls with white paint? THIS GIRL. le sigh.

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