Monday, February 27

trip to texas

surprise - i snuck off to texas for a long weekend. C was in dallas for a continuing education class [it seems like all we do these days is learn. i have another one this weekend. gag.]. after seeing the seven and a half hour prediction by google maps, i knew a little [yes, seven hours seems like a quick jaunt to us] windshield time couldn't keep me from my man. in a semi-last-minute and spontaneous-for-me moment, i hopped in the car and just drove. 
because chris was in class for eight hours each day, i had ample time to do my own thing. which always includes IKEA if within a one hundred mile radius. 
some of my fave showrooms [still not sure if it is legal to take pics of these spaces. oops.]. this little two hour tour made me ache for a home and a life even more. who even knew that was possible? le sigh.
 pie + vino + my favorite company = bliss.
on saturday night we ventured over to fort worth to the infamous stockyards. not knowing what we were getting into, the whole night was an... well... experience. let's just say those cowboys know how to get funky. and mr. and ms. prep were a little out of place. but between the people watching judging, laughter, and fabulous food, a good time was had by all.
cowboy beer.
actual animal stalls still at the stockyards. we couldn't decide if it was cool or creepy to be enjoying our steak immediately across from this building. yeah, you're right. creepy.
as always, the weekend was nothing short of incredible. it went way too quickly, but was the perfect reminder of how fun life is with C. unfortunately, these three day rendezvous are our reality. but, for seventy-two hours reality was really, really good. thank you, dallas, for a fabulous time. we will see you again, old friend.

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