Wednesday, March 28

beautiful brass?

i need your help.
i found these fabulous brass candlesticks at goodwill and just don't know what to do with them. 
my first inclination was to spray the heck out of them in bright white. but, before pulling the trigger, i stepped back and took a moment to appreciate their natural beauty. while i'm loving monochromatic and a white color wheel right now, there's something about the raw brass that's swoon worthy.
so, what do you think? clean 'em or paint 'em?  a favorite blogger's pinterest is telling me to be bold and go brass. but, i'm also imagining these on a fabulous white mantel or big built-in bookcase someday. with bright white tapers. 
i need you guys here. make your opinion be known. please.


  1. LEAVE them. they are beauties. Paint them white when you have a white mantel to place them on :) Great find! I need to visit your good will.