Thursday, March 29


is print dead? 
i spend most of my free moments perusing the net - blogging, looking at blogs, pinning, looking at pins. yet, i have a humongous stack of magazines and books just waiting to be opened. 
it's sad, really. 
these are the glossies that i haven't even cracked. and what a shame that is! great inspiration, stories, and photos live in these pages. and yet, i continue to thumb through virtual instead of the real thing. 
and don't even get me started on books. some nights i don't have the energy to delve into my classics, but by God, i find a new blog and i'll be looking for hours. 
and so, i vow to make time. because there is something charming and seriously important about print. it must stay alive. therefore, i plan on fully breathing life back into this ritual. 

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