Thursday, March 1


i recently had a complete change in perception. no, this isn't a deep reflection on how intense i can make life sometimes. it is actually about to get really shallow up in here.
make-up and hair care are an investment.
yep. the three sixty turnaround came about a year ago when i got some really good eyeliner. and from then on i have totally embraced the investment of taking care of your body makin' your face look decent. here's what sealed the deal.
 olay regenerist moisturizer and eye lifting serum.
you better believe i've spotted some age spots on this ole face. 
gotta get em while they're hot. do work olay.
sonia kashuk tinted moisturizer. 
i need a little bit more coverage than the minerals care to conceal [damn you premature wrinkles], so i engage in a double dose of foundation. thankfully, it is more like a double dose of moisturizer considering the weight and light tone of my sonia.
bare escentuals mineral foundation.
we all know it is good. and we all love it. enough said.
benefit boxed powder bronzer and highlighter.
if i was stranded on an island [doesn't that sound glorious sometimes?], one of my must haves [only second to water] would be a good blush. this combination of products gives a nice glow without looking too fake and caked. 
 urban decay eyeliner in perversion.
the product that started it all. it doesn't slip. it slides right on. it can be dramatic. it can be subtle. it rocks.
NARS orange-red lipstick in heat wave. 
said to be the best shade of red for any skin tone. i agree. love.
good lipstick is an essential. my mom mrs. johnson always said a girl without lipstick looks washed out. NARS brings a punch and stays put. and that equals five stars in my book. 
aveda invati thickening shampoo, conditioner and spray.
aveda be curly curl enhancer.
for a girl that has used aussie for nearly ten years, it was hard to make a switch. but i'm telling ya, i'm hooked. my curls aren't crunchy and my locks aren't quite as limp. lovin it.

so, there you have it. you won't be finding me in the target wet-n-wild aisle anymore. 
i've learned that good products are an investment. and truly do make a difference. 
what are you puttin on your face? is it a place that you skimp or splurge? spill the beans, loves. i gotta know.

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