Friday, March 2

work wear

images via here.
i've always wanted a job that required me to dress to the nines. heels every day - skirts and dresses admired - suits applauded - or any of the above ensembles adored. instead, i wear clothes that can be puked on. that can get paint and marker and spit and bodily fluid all over it. yeah.
i try to incorporate my style and be a pinch fashion forward, but there's only so much you can do with khakis and flats. 
so when i have these dreadful, awful, horrible [there's the optimistic ashley we know and love. wah wah.] continuing education courses all - freaking - weekend, i take it as an opportunity to dress up. to pull out my best pencil skirt and heels. i try out the most ridiculous trend and see if i get any strange glances. because healthcare is boring. business girls be grateful. sometimes a well fitting suit does the body good.
have a great weekend. 
i'll be staring at wanting to redesign more power point presentations. xo

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