Tuesday, March 20

leather and socks

i finally crossed off some projects that have been lingering on the to do list for quite some time. both have to do with hair and together, took less than fifteen minutes to produce. without further ado.
 following my usual pattern, i made an edgy bow using leftover black leather. considering they are selling something similar for ten bucks at anthropologie, i'm pumped about this pretty.
next on the list was perfecting my bun. i love a big bunch of hair on top of the head. it is classic. and subtlety sexy. it lets your face do the talking. yet, it is a style all of its own. 
so how do these gals achieve such a perfect bun?
 cheap dress socks in the color tone of my hair.
 cut the toe off the sock.
roll it into a donut.
place it over the ponytail. and just roll down
sock bun mug shots.
it makes these limp locks appear lots bigger. and although i need my hair to grow another three inches or so, i'm pretty much sold on this technique. 
oh and yes. it is summer here. and my cheeks are already burnt. yeah.

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