Wednesday, March 7

no time

...there's never enough time. [j. spano]
my weekends have been busy to the max [mothers out there: how do you do it?]. and the routine has been completely failed me. so all i have to share is what i want to be doing. 
how pathetic is that?
yet, i present - my virtual to do list. hold me to it, will ya?
 1. update my vision board to accurately reflect my current dreams. 
 2. protect andy.
 3. get it all on paper. with a beautiful background.
 4. add a little leather to my bow collection.
 5. discover porcelain paint.
6. wear my heart on my bag.
7. deep clean this place i call home.
8. send some stuff to goodwill.
9. oh and since i'm there - see if there are any treasures waiting to be taken.
10. sew. sew my little brains out.

see ya on the flip side. when at least one of these projects is complete.

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