Thursday, March 8

spring is in the air

start styling here.
y'all the weather gage has officially tipped over in memphis. a second day in the mid-seventies qualifies as one hundred percent spring in my book. 
and you know what happens when we do a seasonal switcheroo? see what the crew has in store. yep, consider this my quarterly j-love report - and it appears as though it is all about color. pink and red and tangerine. oh my! 
i feel like i have a good start to my spring/summer wardrobe, but a little drive out east to schmooze with the crewers never hurt anyone. perhaps this will become part of my weekend plan. 
what's the weather like in your neck of the woods? are you as ready for spring as i was? bring on the bbqs, basketball, open windows, and warm evenings. thy soul is happy.

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