Monday, April 16

the avetts

sorry for the terrible photo quality. phone camera + light show + dead cannon batteries = an unhappy ashley. 
on saturday, two gals and i ventured to tupelo, mississippi [birthplace of elvis. quite the charming little town, surprisingly.] to catch an avett brothers show. i absolutely love [okay, am obsessed with] this group and hold a very personal, soft spot in my heart for these five men. 
they completely blew me away. the show was energetic and passionate. five stars no doubt. i urge you to support them. their music is meaningful and they are highly talented. but what's most important is that they're humble. and they get it. they truly get it.
bros, i'll totally be back.

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  1. OMG ASHLEY!!!!!!!!! I just saw them on Thursday in Lincoln!!! They were GREAT! They are the most humble and appreciative band I have ever seen play. They are coming to Omaha this summer and I'm thinking of going again!! (They are from NC....I mean COME ON!) Sorry for the rant but I was so excited to see this!