Tuesday, April 17


well, my lovelies, i have arrived. 
yesterday, in what can only be deemed as the most bizarre sequence of events ever, i got an iPhone. my darling old Droid took his last breath and after a great smart phone ride, he died. i didn't see it coming. and surely didn't have the dinero saved away for a newbie [!]. 
but it had to happen. 
so far, i am in love. just like with ole Andy, there is a little bit of hate wrapped in all the love, but i'm getting used to it. however, i do vow, right here and now, not to fill this blog with iPhone photos of poor quality. there might be a life according to my iPhone post here and there, but this won't become one of those. pinky. i digress. 
so, iPhoners out there - what are the must have apps? what is the best most beautiful case? [i am thinking faux wood, glitter, leopard, sleek black, or pantone.] opinions? thoughts? reviews? i gotta know. i just gotta know.

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