Monday, April 30

monica closet

okay, this is going to be the most embarrassing post i have ever written. i cannot believe i am sharing this with the world wide web, but hopefully many of you will relate and not judge that much.
i have a monica closet. yes, that one place in your otherwise organized, semi-spotless home where out of sight, out of mind takes on a new meaning.
you see, living in a one bedroom apartment has its downfalls. one of them being storage. i have a three x four storage "room" off my balcony where i am expected to house all the seasonal incidentals and i-don't-know-what-to-do-with-crap.
omg, this is so embarrassing. i'm dying a little over here. 
well, it was getting a little ... overcrowded. as i would change decor and rearrange for holidays, i would just throw the extras into this area. it is outside and behind two sets of closed doors, so i didn't ever think about it [beyond the hour after opening the door and nearly getting hives just peeking at the disorganization]. but, after i seriously considered submitting a photo to guinness book of world records for the defying gravity title, i decided it was high time to start over. 
i took every little thing out of the closet. my balcony was completely full and i am pretty sure i got strange looks from my neighbors. 
it turns out the majority of the "stuff" in there was from college and graduate school. stuff i hadn't looked at or even remembered i had for nearly three years. stuff that could easily be trashed. and so four hefty garbage bags and two rubbermaid totes to the dumpster later, this unit is looking much better. not perfect, but better. 
the water heater is probably closer to code and i have three empty totes [and a billion boxes] waiting to be filled for the next move. as embarrassing as it is, it feels so good to have tackled this project. are you judging me a little bit? it's okay. i did too. but please tell me we all have one secret area of our home that gets overlooked and under appreciated. please. 

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