Wednesday, May 2

may day

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happy new month of may, loves! 
may first was a very special day in my house. my fab momma always made a point to send may day baskets to our neighbors and friends. it was a tradition that we always looked forward and truly enjoyed. 
as my sister and i were reflecting on this tradition yesterday, i got to thinking. does everyone secretly leave gifts on doorsteps during the evening of may 1? this is absolutely a tradition i hope to continue with my own family one day. along with about a billion others. 
our may day baskets were always potted flowers. i think my mom truly wanted to bring a fresh, joyful start to spring with this idea. and i love it. wouldn't these fresh blooms on a box of goodies also be a stunning idea? must store this idea away for years and years down the road. 
may your new month be filled with new life, new friends, and new opportunities. 
happy spring!

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