Thursday, May 3

big weekend

no, not for me. just in general. 
kentucky derby + cinco de mayo + end of finals + graduations + spring = par. tay.
i'll be spending my weekend at the farmer's market and sewing [hopefully photos next week], but today and tomorrow i'll show you how i'd throw down if i had a house and big group of friends in the south. 
first up - derby style.
 all images via here
invitations + cake
 hat + southern food
 mint julep
 other southern libations
wouldn't you just die to go to a get together like this? life goal: throw this party. actually, i think it is a must as it will be a nice, yearly tribute to my time in the south. for reals. but for now, i'll just be researching which horses have the cutest names so my love can make some bets for me. rousing sermon, creative cause, and i'll have another sound kinda adorbs, don't they? #itsreallyallaboutthehat

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