Monday, April 23


i had one of those weekends. you know. the kind where your biggest accomplishment is feeling sorry for yourself. i generally moped around, thought about the future, and wondered when in the heck my life would move forward [oh and fixed the internet - yay!]. and between all the moping, i found this little post.
i think rachel climbed right into my psychotic little, over-analyzing head and pulled this straight from my thoughts:
"I've become increasingly jaded with life path decisions anyway. I've always been seriously type A, which means I had most of my life planned out by the time I was 8. And everything went basically according to plan until I graduated college and started realizing that you can plan your little heart out and nine times out of ten something unexpected happens and you have to re-group and possibly change directions altogether. Which is fine, good even. I think we need to learn to be flexible and I now value resilience over any other quality, hands down. When I accepted that I didn't have control over everything, it freed me up to start focusing on how I live my life and what qualities I want to cultivate in myself. I can't control external factors but I can make sure that I'm comfortable with the person I am, regardless of what sorts of hands I'm dealt throughout life. That's a good thing, but every once in a while my inner planner pops out and starts screaming about timelines. I'm working to ignore her." [heart of light] 
except i haven't quite gotten to the acceptance part yet. or the ignoring thing. but i'm gonna keep trying damn hard to become happier with what i have now. so that i can eventually enjoy the later. here's hoping.

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