Tuesday, April 24


apparently the theme this week is a day in the life on the psychiatrist's couch. yesterday i divulged the ridiculous need to plan my life away and today i am wondering if i have finally gone off the deep end. 
you be the judge.
i have a dilemma. yes, dear sister, this is a first world problem. but, it is driving me certifiably insane. 
so, pinterest. we still can't get enough of it [when will this become the myspace of yesteryear? hopefully after i get married, buy a house, have children and host a billion fabulous parties.]. and i've come to really love my pins [anyone else creepily look through them and just sigh? oh. just me? okay, forget i said anything]. but, it seems as though i need to add a couple more boards to get everything settled into their rightful home. 
as with everything else in my life, when i started this pinterest journey i meticulously combed through the ten [note: an even and identifiable number] categories that most accurately organized my finds. but, my brilliance didn't last long and i now have seven hundred and seventy-four pins likes with no where to go. aka - they don't have a board category to fit perfectly into. 
make some new boards, a. 
oh but you forgot. right now i have ten - a perfect, round number. 
and typography, design, and wish list boards would make thirteen. so, unless i tease it all out to include seven more boards [20 total], i don't think my crazy brains can handle it. but isn't seven hundred and seventy-four unorganized items worse than an odd number of boards? i'm just not sure.
am i being ridiculous? is it terrible that i kinda lose sleep about this? should i check myself into the Oregon State Hospital? lay it on me, loves. i need the brutal truth.

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