Wednesday, April 25

scandinavian obsession

images via here.
okay, enough of the crazytown drama. let's talk home decor for a bit, yeah? 
i am an incredibly fickle person [whoa, i really can't let go of the psychiatric stuff this week, huh?]. i make a decision and nearly immediately change my mind or doubt my actions. [i have no idea how i am going to purchase a wedding dress, btw.] and so if you follow my pinterest, you always see my design eye wax and wane. right now i am on a scandinavian kick.
i am so drawn to the clean lines, the light colors and simplicity of it all. now, i know ikea gets a bad reputation for being incredibly common and simple, but i just can't get enough of the swedish style. it's divine. 
above are some of the items i am coveting. picture these paired with bright white walls, dark wood floors and clean line furniture. for now, that little image in my brain seems pretty perfect. we will see what next week brings.

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