Tuesday, April 10


my apartment continues to fill with thrifting finds. have i mentioned how badly i need a house? this is one of the reasons. the other is this
 clear cake plate [$2.99]
 serving platters [$4.99 for all three]
the white has a darling little herringbone pattern that i just adore.
 ceramic egg holder [$2.99]
i've been eyeing the target white collection egg holder [what are these officially called? egg holder they are not!] for quite some time. but at about $13 cheaper, i'm loving my heavy duty find. 
 unique pattern [$3.99]
hot pink neiman marcus coat [$7.99]
both garments were immediately sent to the dry cleaner after i snapped these photos. the coat also needs to be tailored. after i get them back, i will surely show you what these babies look like all styled. so excited. 
have you found any treasures lately? i tell ya, if i ever move from memphis, my little goodwill will make the top five most missed list. i love it. 

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