Friday, May 11

bustin out

 i'm bustin out of this joint.
as of 7:00 this evening, i will be en route to the good life. the weekend is jam-packed with activities and events. my lovely sister will graduate from creighton university, we will celebrate her accomplishments, we will shower our momma with love, we will celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday, we will cheer on [silently] my brother at district golf, i will try to play catch up with my love, we will all make up for lost time. and it will be glorious. 
i hope to come at ya from the midwest sunday - monday - tuesday, but you know how that goes. bear with me and keep stopping by. and if i'm not around, that just means i'm soaking up every last bit of nebraska. every. last. bit. 
have a wonderful weekend, my friends! love to all from middle america!

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