Thursday, May 31


i've had a lot of questions and inquiries about this post. [oh how i love each and every one of you. thank you for taking stock in my life and caring. you truly are the best!]
and i thought y'all deserved a little clarification - a roadmap - an update of sorts. 
yep, i completed my notice to vacate. but, i still don't know where the heck i'm going. i'll definitely be moving out of this apartment by july thirty-first, but after that - who knows. 
yes, this is all slowly killing me. newsflash: i'm a planner. and all this not knowing is terrible. especially considering my life could totally change in about two months time. 
i'm pretty sure this is some divine lesson on going with the flow. 
dear universal creator and lesson giver, i'm over it. love, a. 
so, here's the thing: you know as much as i do right now. and you can bet your bottom dolla that you'll be one of the first to know when if something develops. 
in the meantime, i appreciate prayers for sanity, clarity, and no more lessons. 

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