Tuesday, June 26

a farewell

with a very heavy heart, yet happy soul, i am here to announce my departure from memphis on july 16th. yes, a mere three weeks from yesterday, i will begin my journey north [currently without a job or much of a plan at all. gasp!]. i will close this chapter in my life and turn the page to a hopeful road of family, growing up, and moving on. and that next page will be good. exciting. exactly what i've been dreaming of for so long. 
as i was telling everyone that needed to know [co-workers, human resources, my family], i couldn't help but feel a bit sad. memphis has been so, so good to me. more specifically, my job and colleagues have been incredible. perfect, really. and like most things in life, i took it for granted. now that this is all coming to an end, i am starting to truly appreciate this experience, this opportunity i have been given. i know that it is special. and i know that i will cherish it forever.
memphis is where i found parts of myself. memphis is where i truly struggled on my own. memphis taught me how to live. memphis taught me that life ain't that bad after all. 
so, in the next three weeks, i will make it my aim, the purpose of my very existence to soak this all in - the people, the city, the experiences. via a memphis bucket list. stay tuned. 
and for all you memphians taking a peek at this entry - thank you. you have changed me. thank you.

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