Wednesday, June 27


a letter to me. 
another year has passed and you are now a twenty-something. no longer a quarter of a century, but on the slope to your thirties. whoa. 
twenty-five was full of lessons. some hard. some heart breaking. and some - utterly happy. last year wasn't eventful, but it wasn't a waste. it was a time of growth, confusion, and most recently, answers. 
at the end of 25, you once again realized just how lucky you are. you are blessed beyond all measures. you have the family that people dream about. you have the most supportive [and handsome!] companion a girl could ask for. you have friends. a good job. and you make a difference. [you do. keep telling yourself that.] and as everything quickly begins to change, you will once again feel all the love that constantly surrounds you. indeed, you are lucky
i have a feeling twenty-six is going to be your year. it is going to be the one that you look back on and think - wow. 26 rocked. 
so, remember where you were on this very day. you have boxes of memories pilled in your dining room. you sold your tv for $25 on monday [ha!]. you're moving on. you're scared, sad, hopeful and ecstatic. you are finally giving yourself permission to truly start living
and as the next year unfolds, my hopes for you are the same as they were 365 days ago. may you feel fulfilled. and content. and be happy with where you are at any given time. stop looking to the future for answers. trust the questions of the moment. trust that you are on the right journey, with all the right rest stops provided for you. stop. and be. because when you do, you will feel at total peace. and isn't that what you've been wanting all along?

here's to hurt, happiness, hope and health. 
cheers to a life of giving, gratitude and great love.

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