Thursday, June 28

bucket list

three weeks and counting to experience every little bit of this city one more time
central bbq
trolley stop
las tortugas
miss cordelias
muddy's bake shop
a malt at sun studio
a drive by graceland
a walk by the lorraine hotel
mississippi river at sunset
rollerblading along the mighty mississip
pottery barn/williams sonoma/west elm outlet
lit restaurant supply store
quiet reflection at st. jude
burke's bookstore
toad hall antiques
gary's antiques
my thrift stores/goodwill 
time with the girls
endless laughter with my patients
a thank you to my always-nicer-than-needs-to-be mailman
buy another sunday paper from the paper boy that sits on the roundabout
a personal thank you to all the people who have influenced me here [i should have started writing these a year ago. nearly too many to count, but i'm gonna try my best.]
the first item i tackled was food related, of course. out in germantown [a memphis suburb] is a fabulous little, authentic mexican restaurant. the food is fresh, organic, and feel good. the atmosphere is clean and welcoming. no matter what time of day, there is always a line out the door. in a southern city not known for mexican food, this little nook is an absolute gem. for my last las tortugas experience, i ordered the only way i know how - guacamole, tacos de pollo, and a soda por favor.

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