Friday, July 6

bucket list - outlets

one thing memphis has going for it is home good outlets. there's not much in the way of fashion [outlet and otherwise], but decor - stellar. 
i have spent a good depressing portion of my salary at these three stops. in fact, these stores have made my packing/move exponentially harder than last time. too. much. crap.
you just can't pass up the trendy style, the markdowns, and the extra twenty-five percent off. 
imagine if i had a house to furnish - we would really be in trouble. 
 ceramic pig speaker i have been wanting for months and months. purchased!
 wine racks. west elm is dangerous.
on my bucket list visit, i only purchased the piggy speaker. don't get me wrong, i had a whole cart full of stuff. but then i thought about moving it all to nebraska and i put it back. 
sadly, i am really going to miss these stores. it's where i went on nights i was bored. they got me excited about my apartment and settling in. it is such a shame i won't be able to utilize them when i eventually have a house. although memphis is only a thirteen hour drive. hmmmm... seems reasonable to make a return. are you up for a road trip, c?

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