Thursday, July 5


 not even half of it.
hope you have some fresh muscles, C. because these boxes ain't light.
 more boxes waiting to be filled
a term not limited to plates and glassware. 
it seems as though my heart and soul and sanity are fairly breakable these days too.
question of the day: how does one person have so much crap?
oh. my. goodness.
i spent all of my fourth of july sorting and throwing and donating and packing. things emerged from this one bedroom apartment that i didn't even know existed. how sad is that? 
at about 7:00 last night, my dining room was half full of boxes [is that optimism sneaking out of my typing fingers?] and i was under halfway done. i made some really, really good progress, but it's gonna take another day or two to finish the job. 
here's hoping i'll learn a few lessons places in the next place i land: 1. simplicity is key. 2. you'll never need those binders from school. 3. it's time to throw away the notebooks of handwritten quotes. 4. plant some roots so you don't have to move again anytime soon. 
here's hoping.

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