Thursday, June 21

full bloom

 amazing trees [what are the names of these again, taryn!?] with big, pink blooms are the backdrop for my balcony boxes
 a sweet little bird made a nest in the hanging plants for the third summer in a row. it is hard to tell if it is the same one year after year, but i like to think so. 
 easy to grow petunias, but thriving in the memphis heat nevertheless.
i know you didn't ask for it, but i gotta give an update on my little balcony flowers. i purchased these from the supermarket and had very low expectations, but boy are they exceeding. i cannot believe how much they have taken off. they are actually doing much better than the buds i bought from a high end greenhouse last year. score! 
how are your flowers looking now that summer has officially graced our presence? i'm awfully sad i'm gonna have to dump these babies earlier than necessary this year. such a shame. but keep on trunkin, sweet blooms. we still have time. 

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