Wednesday, June 20

it's official

alright, my darlings, it is officially summer. happy day!
welcome sun.
welcome cool water.
welcome cold drinks.
welcome beaches.
welcome boats.
welcome ballparks.
welcome barbecues.
welcome late nights.
welcome late mornings. 
and welcome summer uniforms of bikinis, tiny shorts, itsy tanks, and perfectly polished toes that peek-a-boo through sassy sandals. my current summertime wish list consists of a lot of color and a little cover. i'm loving bold basics that pack a punch. what's are your must haves for summer 2012? 

1| black bathing suit, 2| dear marlene bikini,  3| green bathing suit, 4| Revival bikini, 5| red bow bikini, 6| bandeau bikini, 7| straw hat, 8| aviator towel, 9| basic sandal, 10| brendal sandal, 11| re lax wedge

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